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FlekStore is the best non-root app to help us install Mod APK files on Android devices.


FlekStore Android app supports Android version 14 and below. In addition to offering a full Android app store, FlekStore allows you to install external APK files.

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FlekStore Android Features:

Tons of cool features for free. Not only does FlekStore have a packed app store with thousands of modded and tweaked apps and games, it’s all for free. And they provide these cool features too:

  • File Manager – Monitor your APK file downloads, check for any errors, and manage your downloads
  • Web Server – Allows you to access your APK files through any browser, which means you can easily download and upload your apps between your computer and phone.
  • Search Facility – Helps you to find mod apps and games quickly
  • Customizable Settings – Have your downloads install automatically and stop app crashes on Android 14 and below.

How to Install FlekStore Android APK:

  1. Open the FlekStore download page and tap the download link above.
  2. Tap Install to give permission for the app to install
  3. The FlekStore app icon is on your home screen when the installation has been successful
  4. The FlekStore app can now be used.

How to Use FlekStore Android App:

You can use FlekStore in two ways:

Method 1: Built-in Apps

  1. Open FlekStore
  2. Find and tap on any app or game you want to install
  3. Follow the in-app directions to install it
  4. When the  app or game icon is on your home screen, tap to launch

Method 2: External APK Files

  1. Download the APK file onto your device using the Chrome browser from the FlekStore store.
  2. Tap the Downloads Folder and tap the .apk file
  3. The APK will be installed on your device now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is FlekStore App for Android?

FlekStore is a completely free platform for Android users designed to offer an easy way of installing unofficial apk apps on Android phones and tablets. Although Google won’t allow these apps, it doesn’t mean they are not legal to use – they simply cannot get past Google’s incredibly stringent Play Protect restrictions, and the only way we can get access to them is via third-party app stores like FlekStore. The FlekStore app is also available on iPhone and iPad.

Many people root their devices to get these files, and while it is a great way, it doesn’t offer what FlekStore does. FlekStore has an app store full of pre-installed apk files. 

  • Does My Device Have to Be Rooted?

No, there is no need to root your Android device to use FlekStore. 

  • Is FlekStore APK Safe?

Yes, FlekStore APK is 100% Safe. The developers monitor the app on a regular basis and fix any issues with an immediate update. You can also report any problems via their official Facebook page. Because you do not have to root your device to use the app, you don’t leave your Android open to any external threats, and you are not asked to provide your Google ID at any stage during the process. Our checks showed that the app does not contain any malware, viruses, adware, spyware, or anything else that could potentially harm your device. When you install FlekStore APK, it will not hog all your resources nor will it interfere with anything else that may be on your device.

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FlekStore is 100% free to use and extremely simple to install. It has a massive choice of apps and games and the option to install your own files too, which is more than many similar app stores offer. Try it on your Android phone today and join the ever-growing band of people who use it as their main app store.