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Jailbreaking has been in existence since iOS was first released and it has always been the only way to get your iPad or iPhone to do what you want by installing tweaks and modifications from Cydia. That’s fine for iOS users but what about Android users ? While they have more freedom than iOS users do, there is still an awful lot that they can’t do but we have the answer. An app installer called FlekStore can be installed on both iOS and Android smart devices, providing users with the ability to install a wide range of apps and tweaks that they can’t get from anywhere else.

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FlekStore APK Features :

  • Can be installed on Android by installing the APK file
  • FlekStore is user-friendly and you don’t need any technical knowledge to install it
  • Download popular screen recorders, movie apps, music apps and other great tweaks and modifications
  • Add your own applications to FlekStore
  • Much more besides

Don’t expect to be given the same level of features that Cydia gives iOS users but you will get more than you have on the stock Android platform. The steps to install are a little involved but well worth the effort.

Download FlekStore APK on Android :

The APK is the FlekStore package file that contains the files you need to install it on your Android device. It is a JAR-based file that comes in zipped format and there is a very easy way to get them onto your device. Just make sure you follow these steps in order:

  1. Download the FlekStore APK [ link ] onto your computer
  2. Unzip the file and extract the contents
  3. Locate the APK and send it to yourself in an email
  4. Now open your Android Settings app and open Security
  5. Check the box beside the option for Unknown Source Options [ if you miss this step you can’t install the APK on your device ] 
  6. Open your email on your Android device and download the attached file
  7. Find the downloaded file and double tap to install it
  8. Don’t touch your Android device until the installation completes
  9. That is all you need to do. FlekStore is now installed on your Android device and ready for use. 

FlekStore is very easy to use; simply double tap the icon and follow all the guidance in the app for downloading apps.

Let us know if you are going to install FlekStore on your Android device and what you think of it. For more tips and tutorials for Android, follow us on Facebook.

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