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Ever since iOS 10 was released, jailbreaking seems to have vanished, evidenced by the fact that we just don’t have any jailbreak utilities that everyone can use. Now that iOS 10.2 has been released, the chances of a jailbreak in the near future have moved further away and users no longer have access to Cydia. Now you can download an alternative called FlekStore and, unlike many other alternatives, this one is the closest one to Cydia and requires no jailbreak to download it.

Image : Flekstore iOS 10.2 Download Tutorial

How to Download FlekStore on iOS 10.2 :

The steps below detail how you can get your hands on FlekStore [ about ] for iOS 10.2.

Method 1: Safari Method

  1. Tap on the icon for Safari to open it 
  2. Go to flekstore.org 
  3. Wait until the page has loaded and then tap on the UP arrow [ top or bottom of the page ] 
  4. Some new options will load across the bottom of the screen, tap on Add to Home Screen 
  5. Now type in FlekStore when you are asked to give the app icon a new name. Tap the Add button and close Safari 
  6. The FlekStore app icon will be on your home screen 

Video: Watch this to see these steps

Method 2 : Configuration Profile

  1. On your iOS device, open the Safari browser and open this [ link ]
  2. You will be taken to a page with lots of information about FlekStore. Click on the link for directly Install to iOS device so that the configuration profile can be installed 
  3. Settings opens to the page for Install Profile; click on Install
  4. You may be asked to input your passcode so do so 
  5. Safari will open; click the link for Install FlekStore and then Install
  6. Settings will open again so click on Install 
  7. Click Next > Install and then on Install again
  8. Click on Done to complete the installation

When the process finishes, you will be able to use FlekStore by tapping the icon n your Home screen

How to Fix FlekStore Errors :

Errors are rare with FlekStore but there are two that you might come up against.

  • Profile Installation Failed error – if you see this, the instructions to fix can be found in the linked article
  • Installed app won’t run – click on Settings > General > Profile and find the app that won’t run. Click the Trust button and the app should run

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