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Before iOS 10, we could jailbreak pretty much as and when we liked, with development teams producing utilities every time Apple updated the iOS. Now it’s all changed. Before iOS 10, Apple promised that they would be bringing in features that would bring jailbreaking to its knees and it’s looking very likely that they have succeeded. Since iOS 10, we’ve only seen Yalu jailbreak and that only works on certain devices so, for now, most of the jailbreak community is without Cydia and unable to use their favorite apps or tweaks. Or at least they couldn’t until now. Several app installers have been released recently, trying to bring us some of Cydia without the need to jailbreak first and the newest one is IPA Library.

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What is IPA Library ?

IPA Library [ext link] is much like an app store, albeit an unofficial one, that is packed full of IPA files. Where Apple will review and sign an app into the app store, these are modified IPA files that they wouldn’t even entertain, let alone allow through their security procedures. These files provide us with some of the best ++ modified apps, such as Spotify++, Instagram++, and Snapchat++, apps that we could, before, only get through Cydia. Check out the features of IPA Library below.

IPA Library Features : 

  • Easy to install and use
  • Free to use
  • Supports iOS 9, 10 and 11 on all iOS devices
  • Plenty of IPA files 
  • Some Cydia tweaks
  • Lots of paid content for free
  • Lots of modified content, like Pokémon Go++, Instagram++, Snapchat++ and Spotify++
  • Regular updates

How to Download IPA Library :

It isn’t hard to download IPA Library, but you can’t get it from the usual sources. You can follow our specially drawn up guide though; this is linked below but you must follow the steps as they are written otherwise you may not be successful :

FlekStore Alternative :

FlekStore is another popular app installer but, although it is fully packed with loads of modified apps and games, a few jailbreak tweaks and other ways to modify your iOS device, because IPA Library contains thousands of IPA files, it has more choice and its all together in one place. With FlekStore, you may have to download several app installers to get everything you want where with IPA Library the sheer amount of content means you will likely get it all in one place.

With no good news to brighten the future, it seems that we are going to be relying on these app installers more and more for the time being. Try a few, see how you get on and follow us on Facebooks for more news and updates.

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