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Now that jailbreaking seems to have slowed down somewhat, developers are looking at how they can give users what they want , a way to continue modifying their devices and download their favorite paid games and apps . While there have been a few alternatives to Cydia in recent months, the latest one is perhaps the best and the closest to Cydia in terms of functionality. It’s called FlekStore and it is an app installer that can easily be installed on your iOS device without the need to jailbreak. It provides you with access to tweaks, modified apps, paid games and modified games, amongst other things.

Image : Profile Installation Failed Error Fix

Install FlekStore App Installer :

Sadly, you cannot get FlekStore from the iOS app store because it wouldn’t pass Apple’s strict security testing. That doesn’t mean it isn’t safe to use though, because it is. We have drawn up a guide on how to [ Download FlekStore ] onto your iOS device in one of two ways and you can find that guide at the given link. While most users have not experienced any trouble, there are a few users reporting a Profile Installation Failed error message. This might sound complicated but the fix is very easy.

Fix Profile Installation Failed Error :

The reason this error message appears is likely down to an overload on the servers, down to an excess of traffic. The very best thing to do is simply leave it, wait for a while and then try again. The server traffic should have died down and you should be able to get on with installing FlekStore on your device. If you can’t, you will need to clear out your cache and your browser history:

  1. Place your iPhone or iPad into Airplane Mode 
  2. Now open your Settings app
  3. Navigate to Safari > Clear History & Website Data 
  4. Tap Clear History and Data 
  5. Exit Settings and turn Airplane Mode off
  6. Leave it for a few minutes and then try the installation steps again

You should now be able to use FlekStore to download your favorite games and other features that you can’t get with a stock iOS device. While FlekStore isn’t a jailbreak in any way, it does offer a decent range of features for you to choose from and is a great alternative in the absence of a jailbreak utility.

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  1. Hi, i followed every single step including the ones for if the flekstore app didn’t work, but somehow it still doesn’t work…

  2. Not working for me either. Using iPhone 7plus. Keep getting profile installation failure. Tried numerous times and get the same failure results.

    1. Try the new Safari methods for downloading Flekstore. We also updates our iOS 10.3 tutorial to spport the latest firmware .

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