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Spotify is the number one music streaming service in the world, borne out by the fact that it has more than 140 million active users. Around half of those users have chosen the paid service, forking over $9.99 every month for the privilege of an ad-free service with extra features but the rest are using the limited free service, not able to justify spending money every month on music. There is another option though and it’s a modified app called Spotify++ [ext link]. This is not associated with the official app in any way, but it does offer us everything that the premium version of the official app does but without the monthly subscription fee. And, with no need to jailbreak to get Spotify++, you really don’t have anything to lose in installing it. Have a look at some of the features you get with Spotify++.

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Features of Spotify++ :

As well as enjoying all the stock free features, you can also get to enjoy the premium features, including:

  • Not having to worry about annoying ads 
  • Being able to skip as many tracks as you want
  • As much track scrubbing as you want
  • Top-quality sound streaming
  • No jailbreak needed
  • Free to use forever

How to Download Spotify++ :

Rather than heading to the app store, as you would for many non-jailbreak apps, because this is an independent third-party app, you will need to install an app installer called FlekStore first. Apple does not allow this kind of app into their store and this will lead to an issue that we will talk about later, one that is very easy to fix. First, let’s look at how to download Spotify++:

  1. Download FlekStore, making sure to follow the instructions at the link carefully 
  2. Launch FlekStore on your device and then go to the search facility
  3. Type in Spotify++ and wait for the search to complete 
  4. Tap on the result that matches the iOS version on your device
  5. when Spotify++ has installed you can close FlekStore and the new icon will be on your home screen
  6. Tap the Spotify++ icon to start using it and enjoying all the features 

How to Fix Spotify++ Crashing Error :

As we mentioned earlier, because Spotify++ is not an official app and because you need to use FlekStore to install it, the app is going to crash. Apple will revoke the certificates of any unofficial app and they will continue to do it no matter how many times you reinstall the app and start again. There is a very easy way to fix this problem though, all you need to do is install a VPN tool called NessTool [ext link] and your certificates will be protected from being revoked.

For music lovers everywhere, Spotify++ is an excellent choice of app. It costs nothing to try it, you don’t need to jailbreak, and you don’t need to fork out a subscription every month to enjoy the premium features. Not so long back, you would only have got an app of this type through Cydia but with jailbreaks dying off, more and more third-party app installers like FlekStore are being released and more and more independent third-party apps are seeing the light of day so try them , if FlekStore doesn’t do it for you, have a look at Tutu App, Emu4iOS or AppValley and see what they have to offer.

You have nothing to lose by trying Spotify++ so let us know what you think of it and follow us on Facebook for more of the latest updates and news.

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